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Kimberly Kloyber Bookkeeping Solutions

Fostering a calculated solution to bookkeeping.

Creating a brand, website and brand assets for a local bookkeeper, that emphasizes her years of experience within the industry.

Packaging 20+ years of experience into a brand and website that instills a high level of confidence, based on skill set, as well as trust to perspective clients.


We created a brand that was grounded in core values and placed an emphasis on clearly communicating services and the brand’s ‘why’ — to educate and increase the bottom line and help grow local businesses.


Since launching the site it has seen a consistent flow of traffic. Approximately 77.5% of users, visiting the site/month, are new which results in a minimum of 2 legitimate lead inquiries/month.

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Brand Strategy

In order to stand out in a sea of competitors, we had to pinpoint the specific differentiating factor between our client and other firms; so we asked — why choose Kimberly with your bookkeeping? The answer was simple — the shoebox solution.

Business owners are often tasked with wearing several hats which can result in certain aspects of their business, such as bookkeeping, to become outdated and pile up in a ‘shoebox’. Kimberly wanted to welcome those entrepreneurs and their ’shoeboxes’, by assisting them with organizing their outdated books and developing a system that keeps them up-to-date.

Through our discovery process we were able to learn more about her services, methods and core values — loyalty, wisdom, accountability and integrity. We also uncovered her strong admiration for elephants; an animal that metaphorically symbolizes those values.

Website Strategy

During the process of developing the website strategy, we clearly defined Kimberly’s goal; growing a recurring list of monthly clientele. With the purpose defined, we decided to focus the strategy on leveraging her years of experience, her niche service offering as well as her personal values. These attributes would echo to prospective clients, the caliber of work she was able to supply and begin growing her clientele list.

Bigger accounting/bookkeeping websites focused on name dropping and targeted bigger and more established businesses. This was an opportunity for Kimberly to meet the needs of a huge entrepreneurial market that wasn’t being approached.

The strategy behind the layout was to highlight her accessibility, the shoebox solution as well as reconciliations. Furthermore detailing additional services she offers that entrepreneurs may need down the road. Laying all the cards out on the table and being clear about her service offerings captured her as an expert with years of experience within the industry.

Occupied Entrepreneurs.
Communicate Quality Record Keeping Solutions.
Increase Your Bottom Line.
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Brand Application

Less is more. Elements of the brand are simple but, when paired together, created a bold aesthetic in comparison to her competitors. In the process of developing the rack cards and business cards we wanted to use the rich blue colour and simple line work to lead the design.

Colour blocking was essential through the design process as it allowed us to use the deep blue to communicate to the viewer where we wanted their eye to focus on. At the same time it ensured that in a heap of white paper her brand stands out.

Working with the Foster Creative team was seamless and fun!

When starting my business I knew I needed a logo and a website, but wasn’t sure how to accomplish it. They guided me through the process, really took the time to understand my needs and developed a strong website that I consistently get compliments and leads. I highly recommend their services!

Kimberly Kloyber, Owner

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Link to the Foster Creative Instagram Page.
Link to the Foster Creative Instagram Page.
Link to the Foster Creative Instagram Page.
Link to the Foster Creative Instagram Page.
Link to the Foster Creative Instagram Page.