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Movement with Mandy

Fostering a brand that creates movement.

Strategically creating an online brand that provides accessible answers on proper functional mobility for a curious community.

Developing a brand that aims to build a community around accessible, accurate and reliable information on how to correctly move their body.


The method we took throughout the creative process was to embody the many definitions of the word 'movement': physical change, self-progression, and the ripple effect throughout the brand.


Ultimately yielding a brand that resonates with the client’s personality and message, which is set to launch in the coming year.

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Brand Strategy

Experiencing a personal accident, our client went through the process of rehabilitation and noticed the work required to fully heal relied on: self-motivation, knowledge and her community. During this time she was able to appreciate and understand the advantage she had being a Registered Physiotherapist, and how within her healing journey, it was an asset to know the basic understanding of the body.

Mandy could see a pattern forming, that disconnected the general public from establishing their own rehabilitation plan. She noticed the trending denominators could be attributed to the communities struggle to access professional resources, an over excess amount of unreliable content online, and rising medical cost.

Movement with Mandy aims to teach and build a community on how to correctly move YOUR body. Giving people the tools to efficiently achieve an every day task (such as lifting boxes) or keeping up with their favourite workout routines without the risk of major injuries down the road.

Beginning with our Brand Strategy process, we were able to determine all the fundamental components in creating her brand: the story, mission, vision, values, demographic, tone and voice, brand phrases plus competitors.

We established a curated strategy on how to approach the visuals that are unique to Mandy’s brand. Integrating the different definitions for the word ‘movement’ through clever visual nuances such as the Kinetic Chain and the Ripple Effect. These two approaches comes from a physiological and metaphorical perspective; providing a unique spin when developing the design elements for her one-of-a-kind brand.

Website Strategy

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Brand Application

They helped with clarifying my vision, mission, target audience and milestones.

I worked with the Foster Creative ladies with my brand development. They were great! They were reliable in responding to communication and always welcome to give feedback and advice. The amazing logo they created for me really resonates. I’m looking forward to working with them in the future on website development. Thank you for everything Marie and Natasha!

Mandy Lim, Movement Mentor and Owner

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