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Movement with Mandy

Fostering a modern approach to traditional learning.

Developing an on-brand Keynote template, for an online course, aimed towards educating the importance of functional movement.

Refining an online course, in its beta testing phase, to communicate complex terms in a digestible manner to its users.


We developed an assortment of branded master slides that are the perfect synergy of design meeting function. Each slide was carefully created to balance both visual aids and content, which pace the course for the user and maintain brand consistency.


With the functional movement course entering its next phase of beta testing, Mandy is looking forward to showing the public the final product.

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Brand Strategy

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Brand Application

The design direction when applying the Movement with Mandy brand, to the Keynote template, was to give prominence to individual components of the brand, that would supplement the complex terms and images being presented to the beta testers. Ensuring that the end result of the course demonstrates brand clarity, visual consistency and an improvement in the beta testers learning experience.

It's important that the brand elements used throughout the template serve to give prominence to big call-to-action content, highlight important topics, as well as, bring focus to hero images or video demonstrations.

Key design features:

  • Maximizing the versatile grid structure, that created the Movement with Mandy pattern, as a directional tool and to frame content accordingly.
  • Utilizing the colour palette, through deliberate colour blocking, to display visual contrast between content and mixed media.
  • Formatting type to establish strong typographic hierarchy, which guides the eye from one main point to the next.
  • To draw in visual intrigue, integrating curves created an asymmetrical organic tone to the look and feel of Keynote.
  • Incorporating subtle transitions between slides, along with animations to shapes and elements added literal movement to grab the users attention.

Designing with function in mind resulted in every element, within the template, to serve a purpose and cohesively align with the brand. Consisting of 21 master slides, in varying layouts that combine both mixed media and content, this custom branded Keynote template creates a structured system for Mandy to work within while developing the beta testing version of the course. At the same time, preserving both branding consistency and an ideal learning environment for users.

This is my second time working with Natasha and Marie at Foster Creative, and again they have blown me away.

This time we worked on a Keynote template to use when I teach my online course. What they came up with blew my mind -- going above and beyond my expectations. They were able to mix professionalism with art in their design, recognizing the specific needs I had when teaching my course. The teaching on how to use the master slide template was really helpful. I am really looking forward to showing the public what Foster Creative has designed for me. My previous work with them included developing my brand and it has been really neat to see the brand be translated to something that is tangible that I can use. Again, Thank you!

Mandy Lim, Movement Mentor and Owner

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