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COVID-19 trends that are changing business.

6 top trends that are changing the way entrepreneurs conduct their business due to COVID-19.

Have you been successfully informing customers of your COVID-19 protocols?

Though the information may be a bit mundane and repetitive, it does make for a great opportunity to have a little fun and showcase your brand! Educating your customers doesn’t have to be boring; take every opportunity to showcase your brand, culture and intention.

As a creative studio, focused on brand development, we have taken note on what businesses, big conglomerates to small business owners, have done to pivot. While, at the same time, work to still engage with their customers and keep them COVID-19 informed and safe. Below are our observations on trends that are changing the way businesses are being conducted due to COVID-19:

Meaningful Signage

Signage has become one of the more effective tools of the trade for brick and mortar businesses.

The best COVID-19 signage are ones that communicate their brands personality all while informing social distancing protocols. It reinforces the message to practice safe social distancing ensuring safety of both the customer and employee.

In some cases, it has even made headlines (i.e. great brand awareness). Tim Hortons locations have floor signage encouraging people to stand 6ft apart with some tasty measurements, ‘please stand 46 timbits apart’. Through the use of properly implemented tone and voice this created a viral conversation, tasty investigation and a refreshing way to address the social distancing rule.

Website Announcements

This one might seem obvious, but often overlooked and sometimes underrated, but keeping your customers informed, on your website, about COVID-19 protocols can make a world of difference. Customers want to keep up-to-date, and naturally, the first place to check is your website.

Although we’d like to think that everyone check’s your social media accounts for up-to-date information, plenty of people primarily rely on your website before continuing to do business with you.

Take a minute to think if your website outlines information on your COVID-19 protocols, hours of operation, and updated policies; and if there is a small banner on the homepage to direct people to that information with a single click. It shows that your business cares about their customers and most importantly their safety.

Online Sales

Several business are taking the time to invest in an online store. It’s a natural evolution, especially with several brick and mortar stores being temporarily closed or being limited with the amount of walk-ins. Adding an e-commerce component to your business keeps it thriving but also attracts new and regular customers.

Becoming more accessible online can be an overwhelming task, especially when having to figure out logistics, such as shipping. Don’t be afraid to reach-out and ask questions prior to taking the leap; part of growing a business is discovering new opportunities and asking all the right questions to ensure you’re making the right investment for you. Wanting to have a conversation about growing your business via e-commerce? Book a complimentary Website Sounding Board Session; we’ll help find the right path for you.

Contactless Payment

With ‘touch-points’ being one of the trendy words coming from this pandemic, entrepreneurs and customers are exploring other means to pay that is safe and efficient. With the tap of a card, smart phone or smartwatch you can provide payment with no contact.

For restaurants and grocery stores, we have seen an increase in partnering with third party companies, such as DoorDash, Skip the Dishes and InstaCart. These new applications not only provide customers with contactless payment (paying through the app) but also a means to provide less physical contact by having the items delivered to your doorstep. In addition, restaurants who are seating dine-in customers have integrated QR codes to access their digital menu. Customers can scan the code, conveniently located on their table and read the menu via their smartphones v.s. handling physical menus.

Delivery Please

How many parcels have you received on your doorstep in the last 48 hours?

From restaurants to retailer, the option of delivery and how quickly your package arrives to your customers door-step makes the whole shopping experience that much more convenient and desirable.

As both a consumer and entrepreneur, the convenience of having items delivered to our home allows us to spend more time working on our business and complete day to day errands such as getting groceries. For local businesses this option has allowed customers to keep contact with others to a minimum; while still keeping their businesses running.

If you are a business that is exploring adding delivery as an option; maybe consider adding our personal points above in your pro’s column.

Is there An App for That?

With the shift of the economy, business owners are expected to wear more hats; it can get a little overwhelming. Hang up a few of those hats and consider downloading an app!

There are several tools available at your fingertips that can assist in making your workload a lot lighter.

Some of the classic apps to choose from include: G Suite, PandaDocs, Slack and Quickbooks.

Curious if they actually make the process easier? Referring back to car insurance; we have noticed plenty of agencies shift to using online document signing programs (such as Docu-Sign) to allow customers to review and sign documents from the comfort of their own home safely and securely.

Foster a business that is able to pivot during challenging and changing times.

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