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Foster Creative 2021 Reflections.

Looking back at our creative adventures from 2021!

As we are nearing the end of 2021, we want to take a moment to appreciate the amazing year we've had.

We've had the pleasure of connecting with several passionate entrepreneurs, in various fields, throughout the year, as well as, had the pleasure of fostering creative possibilities for incredible Canadian service based businesses too. Whether connecting through networking events, Foster Creative Sounding Board Sessions or being able to fill a creative gap for a business, we always manage to learn something insightful, meaningful or just crazy cool! Prior to the year coming to a close, we wanted to spotlight 4 takeaways from our creative adventures in 2021 — let's go!

Trust the numbers, they never lie.

Kimberly Kloyber Bookkeeping Solutions

While developing a brand, website and application assets for a Fraser Valley bookkeeper, with over 20+ years of experience, we also learned a deeper understanding on the value, expert bookkeeping plays in a businesses success.

Although it might sound cliché, KKBS shared how if you trust in the numbers, they will help guide you to make the best financially decisions possible and that it will show you if your business strategy is finically making you a profit that 'keeps you out of the red'.

At the beginning stages of developing Foster Creative, we really took her words to heart and continue to apply her logic as we move forward with our steady growth.

Capturing her experience level and passion for bookkeeping allowed us to foster a calculated solution for her bookkeeping brand — learn more.

Empowering others makes a big impact.

Avenir Leadership

While visually amplifying an online course experience for Avenir Leadership's High Impact Meetings, we really resonated with Suzanne's approach towards 'empowering others to make a big impact'.

Sometimes taking the path of an entrepreneur can be challenging; especially when it comes to making tough decisions or trying to grow your bottom line. The important thing is you aren't in it alone, there are others who have been faced with a similar circumstance and have overcome it with stride. Connect with a business focused community who can help empower you through both challenging and victorious times; in-turn do the same. By empowering one another, we are able to help one another.

Another alternative step is to empower yourself through continued knowledge; explore how we transformed a multi-module course into an engaging user experience — learn more.

Celebrate the small victories and enjoy the journey.

Movement with Mandy

The journey we took with Mandy, from Movement with Mandy, has truly been a highlight from this year; her drive, passion and dedication towards providing accessible answers on proper functional mobility is truly unmatched. Developing a powerhouse brand that matches her energy level is something we are beyond proud to be a part of, but what we cherished most during this experience was, 'celebrating the small victories and enjoy the journey'.

As entrepreneurs, it's easy to be caught up in moving full steam ahead and miss celebrating the small victories that happen along the way and enjoy the journey that lead to your success. We are excited to continue this notion into 2022 and encourage everyone to take a moment and praise yourself on working hard, showing up and doing the best that you can do.

Explore the development taken in order to foster a brand that creates movement — learn more.

Being authentic and kind speaks volumes.

Sounding Board Sessions

This year marked the launch of our Foster Creative Sounding Board Sessions; a virtual 1-hour session that gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to discuss questions or concerns, they have about their brand or website. Entrepreneurs walkaway with 3 key takeaways tailored towards building clarity and confidence in taking the next steps for their business. Throughout the 15+ sessions held this year, the biggest thing we learned is — 'being authentic and kind speaks volumes'.

At Foster Creative we strive towards bridging the gap between a problem and solution; sometimes that means being the bridge itself — actively listening, understanding and relaying a solution back that make sense for the other.

A huge thank you to all the incredible businesses who took part in our Sounding Board Sessions this year; we appreciate your willingness to communicate your story as well as be honest towards pain-points you're currently experiencing. We are thrilled to hear from past session takers that they became re-energized, confident and are actively applying the takeaways to their business and noticing a positive difference. We are eager to connect with more entrepreneurs in 2022 — learn more.

Here's to fostering an even more creative 2022!

Finally, we wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who we have met throughout the year and to everyone who continues to support our efforts in fostering creative possibilities for passionate entrepreneurs!

— Marie and Natasha

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