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How to save time on repetitive tasks in 2022!

Jumpstart 2022 with efficiency, productivity and time saved with templates!

While 2021 is winding down, begin winding up for 2022!

During the last few weeks of the year, we at Foster Creative, like to take the opportunity to pause, reflect and reset for the coming year. We review how we did as a business, reflect on what worked well and what could use improvement; it gives us the space to implement changes for a fresh productive start in the new year.

As you begin to audit your current year, you will likely notice that the biggest frustration is that repetitive administrative tasks are eating up the most time within a week, that could be better spent else where. Replying to emails, creating invoices, developing proposals or statements of work; these are all energy draining tasks that have a time saving solution — templates!

Templates can transform tedious undertakings into efficient daily to-do's. We've compiled 3 reasons how investing in templates can ease frustration.

Streamlines the Workday

Keep your workday productive!

Having templates at the ready, means you no longer have to scramble to try and piece together a document; transforming hours into a few minutes.

Example: Proposals

If you look at a standard proposal majority of the content stays the same: introduction, about and list of services sections. Chances are the subtle nuances that identifies who the document is geared towards, such as the clients name or service being proposed, changes.

With a proposal template setup, you can leave the static content alone and efficiently plug-in variable data content (i.e. content that might change but be placed in the same spot — such as a business name), save and send the proposal in a matter a minutes.

Cuts Down on Mistakes

Did you remember to cross your t's and dot your i's?

Silly mistakes can happen and they can sometimes cost you. With a developed template, inputting information becomes easier and reduces the chances of missing important data.

Example: Invoices

A traditional invoice has several small, but integral parts, that ensure you have all the necessary billing information. This is crucial when it comes to bookkeeping and needing to reference old invoices.

With an invoice template at the ready, that has designated fields for the required information, you can confidently prepare the invoice, get paid faster and more efficiently.

Provides Consistency

Keep your tone and voice consistent — brand awareness at the forefront!

How many times have you written content only to wonder if you are expressing yourself and your brand with the right tone? Using templates means you are utilizing pre-approved content that is on-point with your communication expectations and limits the amount of re-do's.

Example: Emails

Looking back over the past 2-weeks, you will likely notice a pattern on the types of emails you are consistently drafting and sending; i.e. setting up meetings, proposal submission or follow up emails.

Rather than digging through your inbox, copy and pasting segments of previously sent emails, create an email template bank. Having a bank of templated emails will save you time hunting for the perfectly written phrases, as well as ensure your tone of voice is professional and consistent for your clients.

Foster an efficient start to 2022 with functional templates!

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