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Sounding Board

Foster a conversation that leads to clarity.

A Foster Creative Sounding Board Session taking place within the creative studio.

Gain confidence when navigating the next steps in your brand or websites growth.

Branding Sounding Board
Ideal for existing brands that want a fresh perspective as well as, discuss the next phase of their businesses growth.
Website Sounding Board
Ideal for businesses that currently have an active website and want an outside perspective to discuss their next phase of growth.
Foundational Sounding Board
Ideal for entrepreneurs who are starting their new venture and want clarity on laying a solid foundation to build their business upon.

A complimentary
Sounding Board experience.

Each sounding board is a 1-hour virtual session where you walk away feeling empowered and eager to begin taking the next steps forward for your business.
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Personalized Experience

With every sounding board experience, we enter the space with the intent to actively listen so your voice and opinions are being heard.


Sparking New Solutions

We create an inclusive environment that encourages questions and the idea of learning. Our goal is to spark a conversation that generates a solution that works for your business.


3 Key Takeaways

Every entrepreneur walks away with at least 3 relevant takeaways that are tailored towards their business leading towards clarity and confidence.

I was completely blown away by the Foundational / Website Sound Board Session with Marie and Natasha.  They offered advice on the best platform for my website and how to best convey my company image and personality.

I appreciated their openness and interest in my business.  They asked relevant and important questions, which made me feel heard.  I’m very grateful for their input and help!
Deborah King,  Solopreneur
I was very impressed with my first meeting with Foster Creative. It was handled professionally & was well organized. These ladies really know their stuff & made me feel like I was in the right hands for my business pivot needs.

I was also reassured that they understood my overwhelm without judgement. I needed the empathy!!

Charlene Wright,  Owner of SmART Career Solutions

... We talked about my website, my social media presence, my booking system, and my brand overall. Where I was stuck with “this has to change”, they came up with “this is how you can make it better”, which was a huge help for me. After the call ended, I felt motivated and the passion for my business was re-ignited. I implemented some of their recommendations right away and I look forward to rolling out some of the other ones in the near future. I’m very grateful for their help!

After the call ended, I felt motivated and the passion for my business was re-ignited...
Morgane,  Owner of Eye Love Lashes
Marie and Natasha were extremely helpful, approachable and professional. We had a great chat about my website and the changes we need to make to make it better.
Irina Elkhova,  Owner of Cona Flooring Coatings

I worked with Foster Creative on reviewing my existing brand and website, to figure out how I can be more effective in both of these areas. It was an easy and in-depth process, where they were very thorough, though relaxed, asking genuine questions and ensured they understood both my business as well as my needs.

In the hour session, I received more clarity and direction on where to focus my efforts, based on the information I already have, and how to use it more to my advantage; I recommend their services!
Robyn McTague,  Owner of A Life of Choice


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Are you ready to foster clarity for your business?

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